Munchbox Mega3 Artwork Tray (Space)



The three compartment design of the ingenious Mega3 interchangeable tray is suited to those preferring larger portions than others.

The Munchbox Galaxy artwork tray is ideal for all ages with a more mature monochromatic design portraying a clean and understated look that’s perfect for older children or adults. We also know it is just right for budding little astronauts, so if you need to pack smaller bites, just add in our signature Munchcups to complete the look!

Please note: The compartments of each tray correspond specifically to the arrangement of the original design silicone seal – locking in moisture, preventing leaks and keeping food fresh and separate in its compartment.

Mega3 interchangeable trays must be used in conjunction with our original six compartment, Maxi6 outer box to ensure proper use and function of the silicone seal system.